HP Officejet Pro 8600 - Eco

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Hewlett-Packard is committed to providing quality products in an environmentally
sound manner. Design for recycling has been incorporated into this product. For more
information, see Environmental product stewardship program
HP is committed to helping customers reduce their environmental footprint. HP has
provided these features to help you focus on ways to assess and reduce the impact of
your printing choices.
For more information about HP's environmental initiatives, visit www.hp.com/hpinfo/
Manage power
To conserve electricity, try the following:

Turn on the printer's Sleep Mode feature, and then select the option for the
shortest time. After the printer has been inactive for this period of time, the printer
will go into low-power mode. To configure this feature, touch


button) on the printer’s control panel display, touch Sleep, and then touch the
desired option.

Use the printer's Schedule On and Off feature, and then select the days and time
you want the printer to turn on and turn off automatically. For example, you can
schedule the printer to turn on at 8am and turn off at 8pm from Monday to Friday.
In this way, you will save energy during the night and weekends. To configure this
feature, touch

(eco button) on the printer's control panel display, touch

Schedule On and Off, and then set the time to turn on and off the printer.

Adjust the screen brightness to a dimmer setting. To configure this feature, touch

(eco button) on the printer's control panel display, touch Screen

Brightness, and then set the desired option.

NOTE: The printer's Sleep Mode and Schedule On and Off features are
temporarily not available if one or more of the ink cartridges are missing. After the
cartridge is reinstalled, these features resume.

CAUTION: HP recommends that you replace any missing cartridges as soon as
possible to avoid print quality issues and possible extra ink usage or damage to the
ink system. Never turn off the printer when ink cartridges are missing.

Conserve printing supplies
To conserve printing supplies such as ink and paper, try the following:

Change the print mode to a draft setting. Draft setting uses less ink.

Do not clean the printhead unnecessarily. This wastes ink and shortens the life of
the cartridges.

Reduce paper usage by printing on both sides of the paper. If the printer has an
automatic two-sided printing accessory (duplexer), see Print on both sides
(duplexing). Otherwise, you can first print just the odd pages, flip the pages over,
and then print just the even pages.